Highly Recommended

The following businesses are endorsed by us as your best choice for making your dream home  reality.

Gatliff Custom Builders - We have been observing GCB homes for over 10 years.  Being a former country club designer/builder, Mr. Gatliff is the right choice for General Contractor.  He will custom draw your home plan to your hearts desire and then bring it to life.  GCB has a consistent reputation for using only the finest materials and building systems to ensure unbeatable quality, the highest standards, and beauty for your dream home.        gatliff-custom-buildersFirst Merit Bank –  First Merit has been our bank of choice for many years.  They have expert financial assistance and money products to purchase or build your home.



Palecek, McIlvaine, Hoffmann, & Morse Co - When we are transferring real property, we trust PMH&M Law to get the transaction done quickly and correctly.  Do not underestimate this step on your land deals.  These attorneys are highly competent experts in all real estate transactions.  Title agencies and attorneys are not all the same.  We trust PMH&M.